Present day views of the Church

From Nave Altar looking West

From East Altar looking West through Chancel

Chancel from Nave Altar

Past views from the Church’s  development

Gallery 1 - views old and new around the Church


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Original Church c 1850

Church with addition of Transepts c 1900

Interior c 1953

Nave with new Altar and nave sanctuary added 1964

Interior 1983 after Altars exchanged and Altar Rail realigned.

West end re-ordering 1996

Photos around St Johns

From entrance looking east

Later view with furniture slightly rearranged.

Before - Open tower, font on large stone plinth - generally cluttered and unusable

After - new glazed partitions, font moved to entrance
































Mid 90’s, note new opening in Altar Rail

The Bells

Prior to installation 1911

The belfry today

The Clock Mechanism

The hand ringing carillon


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