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These remaining windows have not yet been restored.













































































































Gallery 2

The pair of windows also by Stanley Scott removed from the now closed Church of St Peter’s , Sacriston and fitted at St Johns after restoration.


The windows were fitted in the the South Transept , opposites Scott’s ‘Martha & Mary’, and replaced a pair of plain leaded windows.

The first two of our own windows to be restored.


A matching pair in the South Nave by local artist William Wailes (1808 - 1881).


The left hand window shows ‘Resurection’ themes.

The upper picture being the Raising of Lazarus and the lower, the empty tomb on Easter morning.



The right hand window has ‘Nativity’ scenes.

The upper picture - The Annunciation (announcement) by the angel to Mary. The lower showing the visit of the shepherds



South Transept window showing the Angel greeting the women at the empty tomb.


‘Suffer Little Children’


North Transept


‘The Crucifixion’


East Apse, above Altar.


This window has been cleaned and protective covers replaced

‘The Good Samaritan’

South wall of Chancel.


South wall of Chancel

Both of these windows were in very poor condition.

The ‘Good Samaritan’ pair were loose and in danger of falling out and have had various repairs over the years of varying quality. ( Mistakes can be seen on the right window in particular). ‘The Ascension’ was also in a bad way. This window has been made up of part of a previous window from elsewhere in the Church at some (slightly uncertain) time in the past.


As a result of there condition (and lack of originality) it has been reluctantly decided by St Johns, the conservators and Diocese that they are beyond economic and faithful repair. They have been replaced by clear glass to match the clear windows in the adjoining Apse.


After further thought, the conservator felt that ‘The Ascension’ could be tidied up and resized and will be used to replace a plain window in the Sacristy which needs replacement anyway. So it will not be lost completely.

‘The Good Shepherd’


Nave North Wall

‘Angel of Death’


Nave North wall

Two windows by renowned artist Daniel Cottier.

These are considered such good examples of the artist’s work that we have been instructed by the Diocese to have no work carried out on them other than replacing the protective covers.

The following windows have been removed and replaced with clear glass.

Photos around St Johns



































Gallery 2 - Stained Glass


Click on thumbnails for larger views.

A more recent pair of windows (circa late 1940’s) in the North Transept by Stanley Scott depicting the  ‘Martha & Mary’ story.


These were in good condition and only required cleaning & new protective covers.


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