Stained Glass

in St Johns

St Johns has some 13 stained glass main windows and some smaller lights, some by renowned glass artists. Over the years, age, weather and vandalism have taken there toll and several of the windows were in poor state. In 2006 we embarked on a project with our architect and Iona Glass Art (Wakworth) to refurbish the stained glass. This is nearing completion with only one pair of main windows left to repair.





A matching pair in the South Nave by local artist William Wailes (1808 - 1881).







The right hand window has ‘Nativity’ scenes.


The upper picture - The Annunciation (announcement) by the angel to Mary.

The lower showing the visit of the shepherds


The left hand window shows ‘Resurection’ themes.


The upper picture being the Raising of Lazarus and the lower, the empty tomb on Easter morning.

Two windows in the Nave north wall by renowned artist Daniel Cottier of London (1837-1891).


These are considered such good examples of the artist’s work that we were instructed by the Diocese to have no work carried out on them other than replacing the protective covers.


‘Angel of Death’


Whilst a fine piece of stained glass artistry, the sentiments of this window raise mixed feelings amongst modern day Church thinking.


It is based on the poem ‘The reaper and the flowers’ by Henry Longfellow and meant to show the tragedy of people dying young.

Also by Cottier - ‘The Good Shepherd’


Two more recent pairs of windows by Stanley Scott (1912-1997), another local artist.


In the North Transept (circa late 1940’s) depicting the ‘Martha & Mary’ story.


In the south transept, this pair of windows were removed from St Peter’s , Sacriston on it’s closure and fitted at St Johns after restoration.


They depict various scenes of St Peter’s life


East window in the Apse above the original main altar.


The crucifixion with Mary and John the Evangelist at the foot of the cross.


Two pairs of windows by Atkinson Brothers of Newcastle

In the north transept, this pair depicts ‘Suffer little children’.

In the south transept -


(This window is currently with our restorers. Unfortunately, covid-19 issues have delayed it’s work)

Several of the plain windows were also in need of attention.

Two in the Apse were replaced almost like for like with plain leaded glass.

However, this one on the north wall opposite the entrance was replace with a new patterned design in plain glass, which affords a view across the Church Yard.

The former window it replaced

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Once the south transept window (above) is returned, that completes the restoration of stained glass. There only remain several plain leaded lights (similar to the replaced one on the left) which need attention.