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From Judith Brydon

October 2009

I was born and bred in Birtley and I now live in Vienna, Austria having worked for the United Nations here for 30 years. Last year with a school friend, Joyce Black, who went to Australia over 30 years ago (we used to go to the school near the Church), we met up and decided to take a 'walk down memory lane'. We came back to see the Church where we shared so many memories, going to Church every Sunday and singing all the lovely hymms. The Church looks beautiful and well cared for, it brought tears to our eyes to be back again after so many years. I try to get back every year or so and stay with my cousin in Barley Mow. I used to live in 'Warwick House'  on Durham Road near the old Coal Board Office, but my home has long since been demolished. Anyway just wanted to say hello and many thanks for your web.


My best greetings Judy, & Joyce too.


Thanks Judith, hope to see you sometime,.

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