If you’re planning a wedding  congratulations.


To arrange a wedding we ask that you visit the Church Office and fill in a fairly simple application  form. If that is difficult, or if there issues you need to discuss, then contact the Vicar (tele 0191 410 2115  or email gareth.lloyd@cantab.net)


We are also happy to discuss Blessing of a Civil Marriage which has been conducted at a Registry Office or other

venue, as well as Services of Thanksgiving, Blessing of replacement rings  or renewal of vows at a significant anniversary.


If one (or both) of you live in the Parish, arranging your wedding here should be straightforward. However we are governed by legal and Church regulations and some situations, although not normally a problem, may require further discussion.


Getting married at another Church:


If either (or both) of you live in Birtley but wish to marry at a Church in another Parish, you need to contact St Johns about a legal requirement called ‘Banns of Marriage’. If required ‘Banns’ must be read publicly in Church on 3 weekly occasions and you will need a certificate to prove this.  

The minister of your other Church should have advised you on this, but any doubts please contact the Vicar,  the earlier the better - no certificate and the marriage may not be able to take place as planned - better safe than sorry.


Want to marry at St Johns but live elsewhere:


If one of you lives elsewhere you will need to contact the Church in their Parish to have Banns read.


If neither of you live in Birtley but you have a particular reason for wanting to marry at St Johns, the regulations have recently been relaxed on this situation (subject to certain conditions), so again contact the Vicar for a chat and to see what we can do.




The Church of England now permits the re-marriage of divorced people in Church (subject to certain conditions), so divorce does not automatically bar someone. However, there are additional procedures we are required to follow, so it is important that you contact the Vicar at an early stage.



We must stress that marriage is a legal process and the Church is bound by laws. It is important, and strongly advised, that you contact the Church as early as possible in your planning and keep us informed of  changes - particularly addresses or phone numbers. This should ensure that everything is completed correctly and in good time, and avoid any complications or disappointments later on.










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